Lachenalia Sources

If you have time, growing Lachenalia from seed is fun. Some species will flower in two years from seed though they will likely take more. I have grown seed from all these sources.

Some of these sources supply seed from wild collection and others from cultivated plants. It is important to remember that while you are buying seed by name, the name may not reflect what you get.

The seed may be misnamed (this is how some new species have been introduced to cultivation) or even hybrid.

Note to Australian residents

There are very strict restrictions on what plant material can be imported into Australia.

Plants must be brought in via a quarantine facility and all seed to be allowed into the country must be on the approved list.

Information can be found here.

A list of species permitted for import into Australia, as seed, can be found here.

Seed sources

Leigh and Johann Nieuwoudt

Lifestyle Seed - Dawie Human

Seed for Africa

The Seedroom at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Silverhill seeds

Gordon Summerfield

Neil De Jager

Jonathan Robinson