Massonia pustulata - description

Confirmed in cultivation in Australia.
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Massonia pustulata - description

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From W.H.Harvey & auct. suc. (eds.), Fl. Cap. 6: 411 (1897)

9. M. pustulata (Jacq. Coll. iv. 177; Hort. Schoenbr. iv. 27, t. 454);

bulb ovoid, 1in. diam.; leaves broad oblong, 5-6in. long, 3-4in. broad, acute, narrowed to the base, distantly ribbed, rough with tubercles on the face ; capitulum shortly peduncled, under 2in. diam.; outer bracts ovate-lanceolate, an inch long ; outer pedicels .25-.33in. long; perianth white, an inch long; segments linear-lanceolate, reflexing, shorter than the tube; filaments whitish, about .5in. long; anthers small, oblong. Red. Lil. t. 183 (excl. syn.); Bot. Mag. t. 642; Roem. et. Schultes, Syst. Veg. vii. 987; Kunth, Enum. iv. 296. M. scabra, Andr. Bot. Rep. t. 220.

South Africa:
without locality, Masson.

Introduced into cultivation by Masson 1790. There is a sketch made from a garden plant in 1792 amongst the Masson drawings at the British Museum.

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