Massoni jasminiflora - description

Confirmed in cultivation in Australia.
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Massoni jasminiflora - description

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From A biosystematic study of the seven minor genera of the Hyacinthaceae by ALISON M. VAN DER MERWE March 2002

Massonia jasminiflora Burch. ex Baker in Journal of the Linnaean Society Botany 11:390 (1871); Baker: 420 (1897); Phillips: t. 367 (1930); Jessop: 423 (1976); Müller-Doblies & Müller-Doblies: 68 (1997).
TYPE: Cape - 2723 (Kuruman): Pellat Plains, at Jabiru Fontein near Takun (-BB), Burchell Bulb no. 7 (K, holo. !).

Massonia bowkeri Baker: 390 (1871).
Type: "Orange Free State", Barber s.n. (TCD, holo.).

Massonia greenii Baker: 413 (1897).
Type: "Griqualand West, stony places near Kimberley", MacOwan 2842 (K, holo.I, BOL, tracing!).

Bulb: ovoid to ellipsoid, ca. 15mm in diameter; outermost tunics brown, firm, membranous.

Leaves: 2, opposite, prostrate, spreading, 30-60mm x 20-45mm, broadly oblong, glabrous or coriaceous, rarely hairy. Inflorescence: capitate, globose head, surrounded by bracts; peduncle very short, enclosed by leaves; outer bracts ovate, acuminate, 8-30mm long, 6-20mm wide, rarely minutely ciliate on margins; pedicels 3-5mrn long. Flowers: white or pale pink; perianth tube cylindrical, 12-20mm long, at least twice the length of the free segments, less than 3mm in diameter; perianth segments linear-lanceolate, spreading from the mouth of the perianth tube, ascending without a sigmoid curve or reflexed with a sigmoid curve, 5-8mm long, ca. 2mm wide. Stamens: 6, uniseriate, very short, inserted at the throat of the periantb, 2-4.5mm long, united into a shallow cup at the base; anthers less than 2mm long. Ovary: oblong-obovoid; style 12-15mm long; stigma simple, capitate.

Capsule: 3-winged, green, fleshy.

Diagnostic features and affinities
Massonia jasminiflora is characterised by highly scented white to pale pink flowers which have a very long (12-20mm) and very narrow (less than 3mm) perianth tube and extremely short stamens (2-4.5mm long). The perianth tube is at least twice the length of the perianth segments and the filaments are all of equal length and inserted at the mouth of the perianth tube. Although DNA studies show that M. jasminiflora is very closely related to M. depressa and shares an almost identical DNA sequence, the two species are easily distinguished by floral morphology.

Geographical distribution and habitat ecology
M. jasminiflora occurs in the summer rainfall area of the Eastern Cape, the Free State and Lesotho, extending to the west near Kimberley in the Northern Cape. M. jasminiflora occurs mostly in open grassveld, or sometimes in limestone gravel or calcrete. Flowering time is from May to June and flowers are highly scented.

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Re: Massoni jasminiflora - description

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From W.H.Harvey & auct. suc. (eds.), Fl. Cap. 6: 411 (1897)
11. M. jasminiflora (Burchell ex Baker in Journ. Linn. Soc. xi, 390)

Description; bulb small, globose, white ; leaves 2, ovate, subacute, thin glabrous, not spotted, 2-3in. long, 1-1.75in. broad; capitulum sessile,
an inch or more in diameter ; outer bracts ovate, acute, much imbricated, .5in. long ; outer pedicels .25-.33in. long ; perianth white, .5in. long ; segments lanceolate, reflexing, half as long as the slender cylindrical tube ; filaments ligulate, .12in. long ; anthers small, oblong, blackish-purple. Podocallis nivea, Salisb. Gen. 17?

Coast Region: Queenstown Div. ; Bowkers Kop, 4000 ft., Galpin, 1817!
Kalahari Begion: Bechuanaland; Pellat Plains, at Jabiru Foutein near Takun, Burchell, Bulb No. 7!

Described from a specimen cultivated by Burchell in his garden at Fulbam, dried Nov. 1818. Flowered at Kew, Oct. 1894 ; presented by Rev. J. Miles, who
received it from the Orange Free State. Flowers scented like a ripe pear, according to Burchell.

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