Massonia echinata - pictures

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Massonia echinata - pictures

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From Clarification of Massonia echinata and some other frequently misunderstood Massonia species (Asparagaceae, Scilloideae), with the description of M. pseudoechinata and M. roggeveldensis ( by MARIO MARTÍNEZ-AZORÍN, MICHAEL PINTER, MANUEL B. CRESPO, JULIAN SLADE, GERFRIED DEUTSCH & WOLFGANG WETSCHNIG. Dec. 2015
Massonia echinata.jpg

Massonia echinata L.f. in cultivation grown from seeds from Oorlogskloof in the Northern Cape province of South Africa (corresponding to WW04916). a. Plant in apical view; b. Flower with closed anthers, apical view; c. Flower and dissected flower with closed anthers, lateral views; d. Gynoecium, lateral view; e. Bract, lateral view, abaxial side; f. Flower with open anthers, apical view; g. Inflorescence, lateral view; h. Dissected flower with open anthers and gynoecium, lateral views. Scale bars 5 mm.
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