Desertia etesionamibensis

Decidous geophyte. Bulb solitary, hypogeal, ovate-globose. Leaves two, synanthous, opposite, appressed to the ground, green with undefined, longitudinal, darker green stripes. Inflorescence, spiciform-racemose, multiflowered, distinctly elongated above ground level, surmounted by a coma of small, sterile floral bracts. Bracts lanceolate, membranous, strongly papillose on both sides and margin, erect to connivent at early stages of inflorescence development. Flowers subcampanulate, white or yellowish-green, patent to suberect, shortly pedicellate, honey-scented; tepals glabrous and entire or slightly papillose and denticulate on margins, straight, suberect or slightly spreading, fused below to form a short tube; filaments adnate to perigone and arising above the perigone tube, uniseriate, shortly connate above perigone; anthers yellow with pink-violet flush, dorsifixed. Ovary green, ovate to obovate-oblong; style mostly white, narrow, erect or slightly arcuate; stigma minute. Capsule widely ovate to obovate in lateral view, trigonous and deeply winged in apical view. Seeds more or less globose, apiculate, with a distinct hilum and a slightly prominent raphe, with sinuous rugosity.
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