Welcome to www.lachenalia.info, your online resource for information about Lachenalias and a few other genera of South African bulbs.

The genus Lachenalia currently comprises 136 species, approximately 100 recorded cultivars, and this site will endeavour to assist you to correctly identify its members.

The Library contains many and varied papers that include original descriptions, discertations and articles by horticulturalists with a passion for these plants.

Eventually this website will also, as well as documentation, contain a list of surplus stock that is available to Australian clients. If you live in Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory we will direct you to a supplier that can handle the quarantine requirements.

We currently have a large number of Lachenalia cultivars from South Africa which include those being released worldwide this year (2017). They are Rainbow Bells and Aqua Lady.

We currently hold provisional registration for collections of Lachenalia, Massonia and Veltheimia with the Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia (GPCAA).

The purpose of the collection is for intellectual curiosity and pleasure.